Google Chrome for Android will soon let users choose custom downloads folder


We recently learned that Google Chrome for Android will soon get a tool for exporting passwords, and that HDR support is also coming further down the line, but there's yet another cool feature that will soon hit Google's popular browser and that's custom download folders.

You may not see it as a big thing, but people who frequently download files on their smartphones through Chrome know the pain of having to stuff everything in the default download folder, just because there's no option to change the path to something else. This become especially annoying if you're running low on space and your download is chock-full of .zip files and random images.

This is going to change soon, however, as Google is working on a solution to let users choose custom a custom directory for saving files. And yes, this also means the SD card, provided your phone supports that. The feature is currently being worked on, a recently unearthed commit in the Chromium gerrit reveals, but it will likely see a roll-out in one of the upcoming updates for Chrome.

source: Chromium via XDA

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