Google launches Camera Go app for Android Go users

Google launches Camera Go app for Android Go users
Google revealed today that there are more than 100 million active Android Go smartphones around the world, an impressive milestone considering that the first devices hit shelves less than three years ago.

Since there are so many people using Android Go smartphones, Google launched a dedicated camera app, which is less complex and much speedier than many of those packed inside regular Android smartphones.

The app is called Camera Go offers nifty features like Portrait Mode, which allows users to give their photos an impressive look when focusing on the subject. Also, it's very simple to use, thus making it perfect for first-time smartphone users.

Not to mention that the new Camera Go app can track how much photo and video storage space users have on their phones, and can offer advice on how to clear space in case of need.

Google announced that the new Camera Go app will first be available on the Nokia 1.3, but more Android Go smartphones will get it soon, so stay tuned if you're rocking such a device.

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