Google Babble may actually be called Babel and be cross-platform

Google Babble may actually be called Babel and be cross-platform
We've been wondering about this since the first rumors surfaced about Google's unified messaging system. The name was first reported to be "Babble" as in the word that means "to talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way", but there was always the possibility that someone only heard the name and chose the wrong word, and it was actually called "Babel".

This name would also make sense, because it is a word that means "a scene of noisy confusion", as well as having the direct connection to the biblical Tower of Babel, which is the story of how God supposedly created all of the different languages in the world to confuse people so they couldn't get together and build the tower to heaven. And, knowing Google's geek nature, it would also connect to the babel fish, which was the universal translator from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Babelfish is also Yahoo's online translator that has now come to power Bing Translate. If Google did choose this name for the product, we kind of wonder if that means Google is planning to merge Google Translate with the messaging to offer real-time translations in chat

In addition to the possible clarification of the name, Droid Life is also reporting that Google Babel is likely to be cross-platform (as we expected). This one seemed like a no brainer, when we first heard about the app, but it wouldn't have surprised us to see it stick with web and Android to start. But, the new rumor says that in addition to the web (aka Gmail, G+, and Chrome OS), and Android, the app will also be coming to iOS. Supposedly, the service is even being tested internally on those platforms

As far as what the service will do, there isn't a lot of new info on that. We expected it to sync across devices, be a conversation view, allow for group messaging, and sending pictures, because those are all features of existing Google messaging products. The only new piece is that the app will reportedly offer "Improved notifications across devices", but it's unclear what that means. 

source: Droid Life



1. rizevnarastek

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Great xD

3. stychill unregistered

When i saw cross platform i assumed it would be coming to android, BB10, wp8 & ios. Who knew cross platform meant android and ios. I may be getting ahead of myself but i don't know.

4. protozeloz

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Please Google I would love you if you make it so that I can see all my text messages along with my instant messaging, many apps on the play store that offer "free text messages" are doing this and is really nice, I remember Motorola having a single messaging section for all your messages but gmail and I would love if I could something like that... Also it would be amazing if you build a babel (I like babble better) SDK so devs can integrate their application into it and turn it into a all in one section to check for all your details... That could be interesting

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