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Gold Apple iPhone 5s gets teardown treatment from iFixit

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Gold Apple iPhone 5s gets teardown treatment from iFixit
The team at iFixit got their hands on a gold Apple iPhone 5s and did their usual teardown of the device. Opening up the phone, the iFixit team found that the innards are similar to those of the Apple iPhone 5 except for a few changes. For example, the cable connecting the fingerprint sensor to the Lightning port assembly is new and there is a missing pull-out tab for the battery which was seen on the predecessor model. The 1560mAh battery in the iPhone 5s compares to the 1440mAh cell on the iPhone 5.

The Touch ID reveals itself as a series of capacitors that remembers the ridges on your finger. Five to ten images are required to keep a profile of your prints. And in case you're worried about your fingerprints being kept on file at Cupertino, fear not. The image is kept locally on the phone. The markings on the 8MP iSight camera indicate that it is a Sony built sensor, as expected.

iFixit says that the the internal design of the Apple iPhone 5s shows "some streamlining and optimization in its internal construction."  Check out more details of the Apple iPhone 5s teardown below.

source: iFixit via Pocketlint

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