Glaze is a $2.99 app that turns your photographs into paintings

Glaze is a $2.99 app that turns your photographs into paintings
Glaze, a photo manipulation application for the iPhone and the iPad, allows you to magically turn your photographs into paintings, and is one of the hottest apps to launch this month. Glaze is not a new concept - there is a ton of apps with similar functionality on the App Store, but it’s the elegance, quality and speed of photo transformation that it really captures the attention.

Whether you want to tweak a picture for a greeting card for a friend, do some artsy photo manipulation easily or tweak that Facebook picture, Glaze would be an interesting discovery. The app costs $2.99, but you can check out a video demonstration of how it works right below before buying.

Glaze comes with a plethora of effects - you can simulate oil painting and many others, and also overlay one filter over the other. 

The sample pictures here speak better than words, so take a look and let us know how you like the app in the comments below.

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You're welcome! :-) When the android version of Glaze comes out, will be one of the first place to know!


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I'm the co-author of Glaze: @FrostyDanny: Companies like ours, two guys doing everything, do that because they have to pick their battles considering how little resources and time they have. You never know if an app like Glaze will have any traction until you put it out on one store, and for us, it was clear we had to pick Apple store first mostly because Glaze is mostly a tablet app more than a phone app, so yeah, Droid_X_Doug is dead on: Glaze is doing really well on iOS, we are #4 in ipad photo, so an android version is now very likely. I am truly sorry for not being able to put it out at the same time on Android as on iOS, I understand your frustration, but you asked why, and now you know.

7. FrostyDanny

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Thanks i really do appreciate the reply its just i see so many photo apps only go to iphone and its like i have so many friends that have android and use instagram you know what i mean? and i haven't see a app like Glaze before on the Google play store and i would buy that app in a heart beat it looks really cool and unique. Very much looking forward to this app thanks :)

4. FrostyDanny

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Where is this app for Android WTF? Why do company's do that? Well good job you just lost my money!

6. zhypher_23

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Because they know we Android users are gonna get this app the dirty way :p They won't earn if it's in Android, that's why Google has to do something about his ecosystem in Google Play.

2. Droid_X_Doug

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If it gets traction, expect something similar on Android Play in time for XMAS.

3. E.N.

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Maybe, there are plenty of hits that have never made it

1. loken

Posts: 462; Member since: May 09, 2012

Cool app!! hefty price tag and X Android..

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