Getting rid of your iPhone 4S on the eve of the iPhone 5 launch? Gazelle locks in a timed $277 offer

Getting rid of your iPhone 4S on the eve of the iPhone 5 launch? Gazelle locks in a timed $277 offer
By October 1 you are guaranteed to fetch at least $277 for your 16GB AT&T iPhone 4S in good condition at Gazelle. Granted, you can get more on eBay or Craigslist, but if you don't have time to deal with the eBay drama, or to sit in Starbucks waiting for the next Craigslist customer, Gazelle is another option.

Hassle-free sales of the current iPhone have skyrocketed, Gazelle reports, and so will be the case on eBay and Craigslist, as usual before a new iPhone launches, so that locked-in $277 price might sound like a good deal just a few weeks down the road. 

September 12 is fast approaching, so if you intend to get rid of your 4S and haven't done it until now, better hurry up, as the supply flood will lower the second-hand prices significantly.

source: Gazelle



1. parvsingh05

Posts: 100; Member since: Jan 11, 2012

IN INDIA , i can sell my 1 year old 16 gb model for Rs.36000($650).

4. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

One could buy a new GSIII in that price in India. Not sure who would buy an outdated second hand phone instead.

5. parvsingh05

Posts: 100; Member since: Jan 11, 2012

to be honnest, beause its apple.. i tell you, in 2011 iphone 4 was launched in june. approx 16gb 35,000($625) and 6 months later the iphone 4s, do u know after the launch of 4s , what was the price (still it is) , of iphone 4 8*gb..its 37,000($680) , iphone 4 "8" gb- 37000 AND IPHONE 4 16 GB WAS 35,000 and just for extra information price of iphone 4s 16gb is 44,500(more den $800... and stilll -ppeople bought it,,, JUST THE LOVE FOR APPPLE !

2. TheLibertine

Posts: 484; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

IN SOVJET RUSSIA, iPhone jailbreaks you.

3. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

Gazelle needs new commercials. I thought the girl was annoying, then they got a guy repeating her lines verbatim. I'd sell a phone to a competitor of theirs out of spite alone.

6. Seannyc

Posts: 59; Member since: Jul 21, 2012

ok let me start the andriod vs apple war XD When it comes to resell value not even one andriod phone come close to an iphone. there are ppl still buying first generation iphones in some countries and even america, but the first generation andriod devices are just stright trash now. I can't find any1 to buy my old andriod phone, every1 wants an iphone.

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