Garmin-Asus is at it again with possibly a couple of Android phones & a WP7 one too

Garmin-Asus is at it again with possibly a couple of Android phones & a WP7 one too
Last we heard, Garmin-Asus gave themselves a target of 6 months to really turn around things for their phone business – or else, they'll completely exit of the phone business altogether. However, it looks as though they'll be cranking out a few devices beforehand to see whether or not they'll have the capacity to compete in this ever growing market.

It appears that Garmin-Asus will launch either one or two Android powered smartphones before the end of the year – but it's going to make its presence in the Taiwan market. Apparently the Garmin-Asus A10 is selling well over there, so that's probably why they're attacking that market in the near term.

Specifically, the A10 managed to rack up sales of 3,500 units in September and it's positioned to hit the 3,000 mark in October. Plus, they'll also promote the handset heavily in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe. Since the A10 seems to be a popular catch in those markets, the company intends to release a new version of it that'll integrate an EasyCard by Taipei Smart Card Corporation which will allow owners to use their device to pay for public transportation.

Finally, they'll also be in the works with some Windows Phone 7 device down the road, but they don't plan on launching it until some time in the first quarter of 2011 – which is still well within that 6 month time frame of turning things around.

Garmin-Asus nuvifone A10 Specifications

source: DiGiTimes

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