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Gaming media and devs invited to Apple's event

This article contains unofficial information.

Gaming media and devs invited to Apple's event
One would think that everyone is now aware of Apple’s upcoming and surely much-expected event that is scheduled for the 27th. We already know that the media has been invited to check out the company’s “latest creation”, but what we didn’t know is that representatives of the gaming media have also been invited. Even more, some iPhone game developers will also be at the event, which makes us wonder exactly what will Apple announce. Of course, the countless rumors about the presumable iSlate (iTablet) device have already put a lot of us in a state of expectation of the Apple tablet, but we also shouldn’t forget that iPhone OS 4.0 is also said to be on its way. So, any guesses what we will get to see next week? Will it be a tablet, a new iPhone operating system version, or why not even a new iPhone? Whatever it is, we now have reason to believe there will be some time devoted to gaming – a feature that played an important role for the iPhone’s success.

source: MacRumors

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