Apple calling new product the iTablet? Info on iPhone OS 4.0

Apple calling new product the iTablet? Info on iPhone OS 4.0
BGR was able to get some info from their Apple connects about iPhone OS 4.0. Just like what is rumored for the tablet, the new OS supports multi-touch gestures across the platform. Of course, the OS for the tablet is close to-if not the same-as the iPhone OS 4.0.It looks like multitasking on the iPhone is here as there will be a few new ways to run applications in the background. Changes in the UI will make navigating through the OS easier and more efficient, perhaps using improved methods of notifications (a notification screen ala Android, or blinking LED lights like BlackBerry). There will be new syncing support for the contacts and calendar. The new OS will be made available for the iPhone 3GS and 3G only and will make them more like "full-fledged computers" than any other smartphone to date. Everyone at Apple is excited, says the tipsters.

As for the tablet, BGR says that the name could be the iTablet. So, the two names that have been heard the most are the iSlate and the iTablet. Any preference?

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source: BGR


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