Games are in development for the Palm Pre

Games are in development for the Palm Pre
Who doesn’t love playing games? Everyone knows that the best way to waste your free time is to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite action game… okay, it may be something that is more on the logical side too (but we would definitely prefer some action). We have good news for those of you that both agree with our opinion on the topic and, at the same time, would do anything in order to get their hands on the upcoming Palm Pre device, once it is released. According to Engadget, the manufacturer has confirmed that games are in development for its future flagship handset. However, there have been some accusations referring to the fact that the web-oriented operating system not allow for advanced gaming options. Still, not everything is lost, since Palm has recently joined Adobe’s Open Screen Project, which will guarantee full Flash support for the Pre.

Palm Pre Preliminary Specifications

via: Engadget

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