Gameloft's MMO Dead Rivals – Zombies soft-launched on iOS

French publisher and developer Gameloft recently soft-launched its latest mobile game, an MMO called Dead Rivals – Zombies. For the time being, the game is available on iOS platform, but it will be released for Android devices as well.

According to Gameloft, Dead Rivals – Zombies is a “fast-paced action meets classic MMORPG adventures” type of game. It comes with three uniquely skilled classes and the option to customize your hero's look.

Dead Rivals – Zombies features a crafting and research system, as well as the option to improve the weapons in the game. Your hero can be upgraded thanks to the multiple skill trees available, but make sure to choose the right abilities for every challenge.

Since this is an MMO, you will be able to team up with other players to overcome the challenges in the game, or simply participate in PvP battles. Special co-op missions are available to players as well, which will feature different objectives: escape infested areas, escort supply convoys, and repel surprise attacks.

And for those who prefer solo play, Gameloft promises a complete MMORPG-style quest system, which allows you to focus on the main storyline or take on a multitude of side quests.

As expected, Gameloft's Dead Rivals – Zombies is available for free on iOS but comes with in-app purchases. A plethora of cosmetic items (clothes and skins) can be unlocked in the game so that your hero can stand out from the horde.

source: App Store


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