Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall to launch as iOS exclusive

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall to launch as iOS exclusive
Just a heads up for those who are still hungry for Game of Thrones content. It looks like a new Game of Thrones mobile game will be launched this month, and although it will only land on iOS, there's probably a very large audience waiting to get their hands on such a game.

Game of Thrones Beyond Wall is the result of the collaboration between Behaviour Interactive, GAEA, and HBO. It's a strategy RPG (role-playing game) that will be launched exclusively first on the App Store of iPhone and iPad on March 26.

In Game of Thrones Beyond Wall, you'll be taking command of the Night's Watch to defend Westeros against the undead. The story is original, so even if you've read the books or watched the TV show, there's a high chance that you'll find it compelling.

There's magic in the game that players can use, iconic characters like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Melisandre, and, obviously, combat. Game of Thrones Beyond Wall features turn-based combat on a grid map, which makes it more relaxing for those who want to take their time.

The game is already listed on the App Store and, according to developers, it already surpassed 1 million pre-orders. The game is free, but those who sign up before the game launches will receive some in-game rewards.

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If 1.5 million people pre-order the game, everyone will receive 10 Carved Glyphs. At 2 million people, the reward is 90 shards of Jon Snow The Old Bear, letting the pre-order player unlock the full character. Finally, at 3 million people, another 100 shards of Jon Snow The Old Bear to rank up the player's character.

Besides the rewards above, all those who pre-order the game, will receive 10,000 copper pennies, 10 Shards of Jon Snow, and the Knight of the Vale as rewards.

If you're rocking an Android device, you'll have to wait until April 3 to play Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall.

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