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Game Stop taking pre-orders for Google Nexus 7

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Game Stop taking pre-orders for Google Nexus 7
"We've seen great consumer enthusiasm for our recommerce initiatives, particularly our iDevice trade program that launched last fall. With the increasing popularity of Android tablets and the emerging multiscreen gaming trend, this is the ideal time to expand the program to meet the needs of our hybrid customers."-Tony Bartel, GameStop president
Known mostly as the place to trade in your old and unused video games, Game Stop has expanded into the buying and selling of mobile devices. The stores have already started buying and selling Apple iPhones and Apple iPads along with Android tablets. With the introduction of the Google Nexus 7 on Wednesday, Game Stop has announced that it is accepting pre-orders for the Android 4.1 powered tablet, manufactured by ASUS. And in a smart move designed to grab some Google Nexus 7 business away from the more traditional retailers, Game Stop will tack on 30% to whatever accepted items you bring into the stores to use as trade toward the purchase of the tablet. That includes old video games, hardware, software, accessories, Apple iPhones and Apple iPads and other Android tablets. The Google Nexus 7, with 16GB of storage, will launch during the middle of next month at a price of $249.

The Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7

Game Stop has been accepting Android tablets as trade, paying as much as $200 cash or $250 in-store credit depending on the model, memory size and condition of the device. The retailer also offers a trade in program for iDevices as well. With many game players now using their smartphone or tablet for game play on the road, the mobile electronics business feels like a perfect fit for Game Stop.

source: Game Stop via AndroidCentral
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posted on 29 Jun 2012, 10:46 2

1. Jeradiah3 (Posts: 1121; Member since: 11 Feb 2010)

Nice!! Id go to GameStop and get one. I have some games that I can sell to make the Nexus 16GB tablet cheaper

posted on 29 Jun 2012, 10:54

2. Ruckus (Posts: 286; Member since: 20 Oct 2011)

Are they making a 16GB tablet? I was under the impression that it was only 8GB with no expandable memory.

posted on 29 Jun 2012, 11:27 1

3. Zayuh24 (Posts: 149; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

Yep! The 16GB is $249. I think I might hop on this deal. Trade-in my Kindle Fire (or sell it to some sucker for full retail value), and with a few trade-ins, I might walk out without paying an arm and a leg. Nice.

posted on 29 Jun 2012, 12:51

4. Non_Sequitur (Posts: 1111; Member since: 16 Mar 2012)

Sweet (lol get it Jelly Bean lol). I don't plan on buying this, but now I can try out a display model. >:D

posted on 29 Jun 2012, 16:22

5. Synack (Posts: 682; Member since: 05 Jul 2011)

But the REAL questions is........ Will Gamestop have these on Day 1 of the release? Or will they have to ship as well like Google. Because I'd rather pre-order with Gamestop and go pick it up the day it releases than wait 2 more days after it releases to show up at my door for an extra $15.

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