Mini Galaxy S9+ with an iPhone X camera placement surfaces

Samsung is no stranger to offering weird variants of its phones for the Chinese market, where it is struggling to even be noticed among the sea of value-for-money Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi handset there. The latest case in point might be a... Galaxy S9 version with the S9+ dual camera set, but placed exactly where the dual kit of the iPhone X is situated - at the top left corner of the rear.

Other than that, uhm, peculiarity, the phone that has received certification by the Chinese version of the FCC regulator, has the same specs as the S9 specs, the same dimensions, and even the same weight. Coded as SM-G8850, it has been circling around the tech blogosphere as a possible S9 Mini, but it's now clear that there is nothing mini about it, unless you can consider it an S9+ mini, dual camera and all. 

The fun part, however, is that the S9+ mini is listed with both 4GB and 6GB RAM versions, so if you have been clamoring for more random access memory in an S9 package, China might be your best bet. Unfortunately, since the S9+ mini thingamajig comes in an S9 package, it also inherits the 3000mAh battery pack of its design inspiration. As to when will Samsung release this in China, and how much it would cost, remains to be heard.

source: TENAA (translated)

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