Galaxy S7 edge put through its paces in the customary bend, scratch and burn test


The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is unquestionably among the strongest devices on the market in terms of raw specs. It's also rather easy on the eye, and while you guys are decidedly split on whether the Galaxy S7 duo is the best-looking ever, there's little doubt that Samsung's hardware design team has done the company proud. It's all very well looking the part, but if a device can be easily damaged or misshapen, then the design efforts stand to lose much of their credibility. Luckily for Galaxy S7 edge fans, however, the device appears to have a fair dose of brawn to go with the beauty. 

YouTuber JerryRigEverything has put the device to the sword, quite literally at times, in one of the more professional durability tests currently doing the rounds. First assessing the display's scratch-ability using a measured scale, he found that the panel held its own against unwanted scrapes, to a similar level of most comparable handsets. 

The rear-facing camera, toughened by a robust glass coating, also fared well against a sharp-looking Stanley knife. The flash module did take a bit of a hiding when given the same treatment, but at least Samsung made an effort to protect the S7 edge's humdinger of a camera.

The burn test saw a lighter held to various spots on the display for a few seconds at a time, which predictably caused some damage in the form of permanent bright patches. However, the S7 edge managed to hold itself together for the encore of the bend test, which it passed with aplomb. All told, this device is as rugged as it is pretty. 

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If you are planning to grab the S7 edge, this video is definitely worth a watch. Though most will probably avoid the perils burning flames and bending, it's good to know that the device will probably be able to share a pocket with some car keys without too much incident:

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source: BGR

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