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Revealed: the secret behind Galaxy S11's rumored longer battery life


The Galaxy S11 series is very likely to have much longer battery life in aggregate, compared to its S10 series predecessors. The reasoning behind this speculation is not only that it will probably run on more efficient processors than the ones we have now, or that Samsung will use a newer generation more frugal OLED display tech.

While both of these are true, the Galaxy S11 may have better battery life than the S10 simply because the eventual battery capacities indicate that the packs will be much larger. The battery of the eventual Galaxy S11e, or whatever Samsung calls it, leaked packing 3730mAh, against a 3100mAh battery in the S10e. 

The regular S11 is said to boast the Note 10+ battery of 4300mAh, against 3400mAh for the S10 model, while the S11+ may pack a battery close to the 5000mAh mark, like the Galaxy M30. The reasoning? Well, the 5G versions of those phones are going to be battery hogs, so Samsung will have to up the ante in the endurance department. Also, Huawei, and even Apple with the 11 Pro Max, are eating its lunch in the flagship battery life department.

Also, because it can now. Buried in a Korean media industry report today, is the fact that the local ITM Semiconductor has begun supplying next-gen battery Protection Module Packages (PMP) to Samsung for the Galaxy S11.

Galaxy S11 may end up with both great camera and long battery life

This fairly unexciting report, however, turns into a tangential confirmation that, besides a huge camera upgrade, the S11 series will boast one in the battery life department. How come? Well, the PMP tech allows for a much tighter packaging of the battery cells compared to what Samsung is using for the Galaxy S10 models, whose packs still require a holder case.

The pleasant side effect of using PMP for the Galaxy S11 batteries is that the overall size of the package can shrink by up to 57%, allowing for much larger capacities, smaller battery footprint leaving space for other stuff inside the phone, or a combination thereof. 

Samsung may have gone for the latter, bumping the battery capacity in a smaller package that would allow for more camera paraphernalia. 

In this day and age, camera prowess and longer battery life are arguably the most important aspects to get advantage in for a top-end phone, and Samsung could be delivering both with the S11 series. 
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