Galaxy Note 9 release date and Samsung's preorder gifts leak out


While we already know most of the details around the Galaxy Note 9, including a pricing leak, the release date has been a subject of guesstimates and speculation. No more, though, as a leaked pre-launch poster in a Korean carrier store clearly depicts August 24th, just as the rumors had it. Samsung will apparently start the preorders as soon as August 10th, a day after the unveiling, and those who preordered will have the chance to get their puppy earlier than the rest and will receive a bunch of gifts to go along with it.

In Korea, the Note 9 preorders will come with no less than seven gifts directly from Samsung - cases, car chargers, "smart" grip rings, power banks, wireless pads, the works. That's in addition to whatever promos carriers decide to throw the phone's way, too. While Samsung might not throw these same gifts for the US crowd - who uses grip rings anyway - there will be a gift basket with the phone nonetheless, it seems.

The big selling points outlined for carrier reps are the large memory amounts - 6GB/128Gb and 8GB/512GB (for the domestic market only, bummer) - but also the long battery life and the Bluetooth S Pen that will let you control games, music, the camera and so on. We'd add to that list the Note 9's expected gaming prowess, as it's purportedly full of heat piping to take care of the GPU speed boosts and will eventually be the first Android phone you can play Fortnite on. We'll see how the handset fares in the market, but for now you have about three weeks to save before the Note 9 hits the tape.

source: ETNews (translated)

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