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Galaxy A8 (2016) specs and performance test leak: Exynos 7420, 3050 mAh battery

Posted: , by Daniel P.

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Samsung Galaxy A8 2015 edition

Samsung Galaxy A8 2015 edition

UPDATE: The SCV32 model is the A8 version for the Japanese carrier au by KDDI, running on Exynos 5430.

Just when we thought that Samsung couldn't leak more upcoming phones from its metal-clad A-series, an eventual Galaxy A8 (2016) leaked from the FCC database where it has undergone certification tests. The model number is listed with an FCC ID of A3LSCV32 there, while the current Galaxy A8 model is denoted as A3LSMA800S there. 

In fact, in the Equipment under Testing (EUT) section of the filing, the FCC says that A3LSCV32 shares the same enclosure and circuit board with its predecessor. Also, the Wi-fi and Bluetooth antenna with the adjacent circuitry are identical for the handsets, hinting that this might be indeed a Galaxy A8 successor. 

Galaxy A8 (2016) specs and performance test leak: Exynos 7420, 3050 mAh battery
There's a bit more to be gleaned from the FCC filing about the Galaxy A8 (2016) - its dimensions are 157.9mm x 76.9 mm, which is largely the same as the 5.7" A8, so we'd wager to guess that the new A8 will again come with this screen diagonal. In fact, the FCC filing gives the screen diagonal directly as 144.3mm, which is exactly 5.68 inches, as you can see below. Furthermore, the battery capacity is listed as 3050 mAh, or the same we have in the current crop. Last but not least, the phone is being tested with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on board, so it might be released sooner rather than later, given that the software version won't be Marshmallow out of the box. 

Another confirmation for an upcoming new version of the Galaxy A8 we found in the GFXBench database, logged last week there. The processor is listed as Samsung's Exynos 7 Octa with ARM Mali-T760 graphics, or the same one that is in the Galaxy S6. There are 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage out of the box, too. Strangely enough, here the screen is listed with 1080p resolution, but only as 5.2 inches in diagonal.

Furthermore, we found that the new Galaxy A8 had also made a pass in the Zauba database, listed with a unit price which is the equivalent of $356. That's pretty cheap compared to the current A8 starting price, but these are apparently prototypes for a Japanese carrier, sent by Samsung for testing purposes, so their declared price may differ from the final retail tag. 

To recap all these findings about a potential Galaxy A8 (2016), we are looking at a 5.7" handset with 1080p display, 1.8 GHz octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, and 16 MP camera on the rear, as well as a sealed 3050 mAh battery. We've already had rumors leaking about most every upcoming member of Samsung's 2016 A-series, including a Galaxy A9 today, so their announcement shouldn't be that far off.

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posted on 23 Nov 2015, 09:29 3

1. zeeBomb (Posts: 2296; Member since: 14 Aug 2014)

Is this the S6/Note 5 Neo I've been looking for? All this time of the year?

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 11:00

10. PhenomFaz (Posts: 1236; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

First off, where on earth is the A9 PA? Give us something juicy on that.

Second, the A8 2016 with those specs and that price point is pretty sweet but I would have liked at least 3 GB of RAM as I'm still on a Note 3 (I know, its jurassic right?

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 09:29

2. Wiencon (Posts: 2017; Member since: 06 Aug 2014)

This whole A serie is much more exciting than S and Note combined

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 09:30 2

3. zeeBomb (Posts: 2296; Member since: 14 Aug 2014)

Let it be 2016 already...the hype for next year is too much!

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 09:38 1

4. abdoualgeria (Posts: 725; Member since: 27 Jul 2015)

wtf samsung E7420 is for high-end smartphone , im sure that A8 will be priced at 550 box

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 09:41 4

5. combatmedic870 (Posts: 911; Member since: 02 Sep 2015)

High end for 2015. Midrange 2016

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 10:35 3

8. Hexa-core (banned) (Posts: 2131; Member since: 11 Aug 2015)

*Upper midrange* you mean to say...

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 16:42

15. hung2900 (Posts: 965; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

It's definitely not E7420.
Look at the GPU, it's Mali 760T MP6 not MP8, and CPU max freq is 1.8 GHz.

It's can be either a new mid range Samsung's mid range Exynos, or just Exynos 5433.

posted on 24 Nov 2015, 09:06

17. alex3run (Posts: 715; Member since: 18 May 2014)

Too high scores for a T760MP6. That's definitely Exynos 7420 and Mali MP8.

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 09:55 2

6. torr310 (Posts: 1071; Member since: 27 Oct 2011)

5.2" screen + 3000(or even more)mAh are the must have for 2016!

If the screen goes beyond 5.2", should have at least 3500mAh.

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 11:55 4

11. UglyFrank (Posts: 1921; Member since: 23 Jan 2014)

The current A8 is 5.9mm thin, has a 3050mAh battery and it is one of the best scores on the GSMArena battery test. 93h single sim, 98h for dual sim.
So combine that with the 7420 and it will be even better.

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 10:09 1

7. j2001m (Posts: 3004; Member since: 28 Apr 2014)

The A8 does not have 7420, that's a rooted edited of that crap China phone that Samsung sold its 7420 to, you can tell by the specs

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 10:49

9. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 14041; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

What if you're wrong?!

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 12:34

12. Plume-Veil (banned) (Posts: 174; Member since: 19 Nov 2015)

Go away, 2gb Ram only. Lmao.

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 12:49

13. B-power (Posts: 255; Member since: 22 Feb 2014)

a7 2015 has 3GB ram. a8 2016 has2GB ram why!

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 14:09

14. plasteek (Posts: 141; Member since: 07 Jun 2015)

downgraded mali mp6 ? Still ok for a 1080p !

posted on 23 Nov 2015, 16:44

16. Amo5500 (Posts: 16; Member since: 23 Nov 2015)

Why Galaxy A8 (2016) has a better CPU than the Galaxy A9 (2016)??
I believe the Exynos 7420, which were in current Galaxy S6 would be better than snapdragon 620, which is bellow the Snapdragon 808/810

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