GO trainers, rejoice! Legendary Pokémon to be released as soon as July 22

Niantic just confirmed what every fan of the Pokémon universe has been dreaming about since day one - legendary Pokémon are indeed coming to Pokémon GO, and as soon as this Sunday at that. Favorite legendary critters like Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Mew and Mewtwo will start appearing on your radar on July 23, but there is a literal catch.

The powerful critters will have to first be unlocked at real-life events like this weekend's Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, and whatever those fights bring, will be available to take down in Raid battles around the globe for other trainers. The Legendary Raid Bosses can be caught by ganging up on gyms, just like the regular bosses we've had since last month's grand update. Trainers, however, won't be able to use the legendary Pokémon for gym defenses after they catch them, only for attacks. 

Oh, well, given the opportunity to catch the most powerful of Pokémon characters, we can bet there will be many trainers tuning in for the livestream of the Pokémon GO Fest on Saturday, in the hope to get a glimpse of what's coming to their neighborhood gyms.

source: Niantic


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