Future iPhones to come with a virtual home button that doubles up as fingerprint scanner?

For what feels like a long, long time, we've been sporadically coming across nuggets of intel that suggest that the future of displays holds some intriguing breakthroughs like fingerprint scanning integrated into the very screen. Now, a new report from DigiTimes — a publication with a variable track record — suggests that tech like that is exactly what Apple has in mind.

According to sources within Taiwan's IC design industry, the report begins, the California-based tech giant is working on a TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration) solution that could see future iPhones eliminating the signature, physical Home button, and the screen itself taking over its navigational and security duties. 

Obviously, none of this can be confirmed at this point, and it's okay to be skeptical. Still, for Apple to take this into its own hands wouldn't be that unusual — after all, the company does design its own CPUs already. In fact, some would argue that it makes sense for one of the world's most profitable companies to seek vertical integration. In any case, such a development may prove beneficial in terms of savings in space — no physical button should, hopefully, warrant less bezel, so a larger screen can be fitted without increasing the overall size of the device.

Make it happen, Apple!

source: DigiTimes via 9to5Mac


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