Froyo update for the Samsung Captivate was briefly available, but then removed quickly

Froyo update for the Samsung Captivate was briefly available, but then removed quickly
Just for a brief moment today, Samsung Captivate owners had the inviting opportunity of finally being able to download the highly anticipated update for Froyo. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on their side because it appears as though Samsung quickly pulled the plug on its roll out.

Naturally, there are a lot of people yearning for this one since we’ve seen quite a few other Samsung Galaxy S devices finally getting their piece of the pie. Earlier today, Samsung seemingly brought joy to plenty of owners all around as they opened the flood gates for their Froyo update – which is safe to say well overdue at this point. Sadly, Samsung abruptly pulled the update from their web site – with no indication as to why.

Needless to say that there are going to be some sour owners out there, especially when their hopes were raised, but let’s hope that things get resolved shortly and see it available as soon as possible. We’re sure there are still some people out there baffled with the blindsided move.

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1. ribbonsalmark

Posts: 84; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

Quote AT&T-"More product testing is required to determine if the update is compatible with our network" I'll give you this AT&T is consistent. No update for Sony Ericsson X10A to 2.1 and no update for Samsung Captivate to 2.2. I use to believe this was cause AT&T was scared that the iphone would not be able to compete with these phones if these updates were released. But since iphone went to verizon I would have hoped AT&T would have released all these manufacturer updates. But with the Atrix and several new model phones coming in the next couple of weeks AT&T sees no reason to give you the update cause they want you come in and sign a new two year contract and get an Atrix or a different phone. Samsung tried to circumvent AT&T and I applaud its efforts but until manufacturers are in control of the user experience on their device you will this happen time and time again. IE dont expect to see the 2.3 update for the Atrix in the future.

3. Yo unregistered

The only thing about your statement about AT&T not giving us the update is that even those people that got the Captivate day one aren't eligible for an upgrade. The phone hasn't been out for a year yet. But this felt like a swift kick in the balls. Guess I'll continue on with my life now.

5. Smarter Than Yo unregistered

Just because they're not eligible for an upgrade doesn't mean they won't add a line to upgrade or outright buy the new phone because it's better. I think he might be on track with this.

7. Hacksaw Jim Duggan unregistered

So you're saying that you believe at&t is preventing all android device manufactures from upgrading the software on their phones because they want customers to upgrade, or start new lines of service to get a new phone with the latest android os?

15. ribbonsalmark

Posts: 84; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

yes. Its a simple estimation on the impulse of people. For example Sony Ericsson X10A came to market last August in the United States but was available in Europe since February. The X10A was released running 1.6. In October Sony Ericsson released the 2.1 update finally and a multi-touch update to the devices. This update has been global since November. But AT&T is still testing "for compatibility" with it network. Nothing has changed in the hardware so there is nothing to test. it is an operating system upgrade. Further more it was revealed that March is the End of Life for the X10A. Guess what phone are scheduled for release in March, Atrix, Sony Ericsson Arc, Samsung phone and probably several other phones. So Yes AT&T will not release an update and just wait for you to pissed off enough with your old that you go and pay them money to upgrade to a new phone. You can try rooting, but it will mostly disable half the features on your phone or may brick it depending on the manufacturer. So expect to shell out cash if you want the newest OS if you are on AT&T.

2. skymitch89

Posts: 1453; Member since: Nov 05, 2010

I keep hearing things about updates for the Epic, Fascinate, and Captivate, but have not heard anything about an update for the Continuum. Do they not really notice that the Continuum is still a Galaxy S device? Or did it sell soo little that they aren't really concerned about it anymore?

13. lol unregistered

funny how you say you hearing things about update for the galaxy s devices but yet you forgot one.. the Vibrant and it has gotten its update of 2.2 and running perfectly fine lol

4. vzwcalltech unregistered

This is why i want buy a samsung smartphone..believe me i wanted the fascinate...bjt whenbit waz plaqued with bing and no froyo update..its samsung believe me...not att...

6. SprntwrlessRep unregistered

Epic n Sanyo Zio getting froyo update by end of the month.... gott info. recent.

8. ecml

Posts: 129; Member since: Mar 23, 2010

I just don't understand why they would just reward Galaxy S owners with 2.3. I mean they lied to their customers many times now by saying they're getting 2.2 but still hasn't happened yet. So as a way for Samsung to get their customers to get their respect back by buying their products they should give them 2.3. But this is what I think is going to happen. By the end of the month or beginning of March Galaxy owners are finally going to get Froyo, but by then other devices are going to start getting the 2.3 updates and the Galaxy S devices will once again be behind and won't get the 2.3 update until like close to the end of the year; wouldn't even surprise me if they don't get it until the beginning of 2012. But of course who would own the 1st Gen Galaxy S device by then when there would be better up-to-date devices lol.

9. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Well, folks, root your phone and get an XDA will not regret it....

10. ponu unregistered

Amen brotha! Been running 2.2 on my captivate the second XDA devs cooked up a stable ROM.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

I have had 2.2 on my Epic for over a month now, besides a couple minor glitches there and there it works perfectly. I remember when I had my DROID X, I manually upgraded the "test" 2.2 update. Then flashed back to 2.1 because how AWFUL the update was. Some time later, Moto released the real update to 2.2 and guess what? It was JUST as bad. Every glitch, every lag, every problem 2.2 test update brought was the same thing with the real update. So yea I gotta hand it to Samsung, they are hopefully taking the time to make 2.2 good for their devices and not destroy them. I loved my DROID X when I first had it with 2.1, but it became so bad after 2.2 that I would have given anything to go back. Anyway...yes I do believe that Moto, Samsung, and HTC are all purposely delaying or even all together not allowing 2.2 updates to their older or current phones. They obviously want their new ones to sell and don't want to risk hurting their sales by putting the current versions on old phones.

12. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

Glad I have the iphone :)

14. MorePhonesThanNeeded unregistered

RoryRevolution, what garbage are you talking about? My Droid X runs perfectly well with 2.2 on it, not sure what bugs and glitch you have been having, maybe you have a defective phone. My phone has never crashed once, has gotten laggy, but that was attributed to the fact that I hadn't turned it off in a week, turned off then on after 2 mins and it was back to flying around doing what it had to do. Not sure what the deal with At&T and these updates but it does seem like they are blocking updates, we'll see in the next 6 months after the Atrix4G comes out and when the upgrade becomes available for that one. My ex has the Vibrant and I installed the update to 2.2 for her phone, that was weird because I had to go through Kies and it wasn't OTA. Seems like T-Mobile is apparently just lazy and doesn't give a crap about having updates, either that or they don't have the money to tailor it to suit. Verizon is pretty much one of the golden boys when it comes to Android updates, I think that Sprint sports a pretty good track record with updates coming out for phones and actually being pushed out by the provider.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

You must have been lucky then. When I first upgraded my Droid X to 2.2, I could not make any phone calls or text. I had to do a full factory reset just to get my phone to work. Sure you might say, you should do that anyway, but your phone SHOULD still work. My Droid X became so laggy, doing simple things like texting. It made my phone so laggy that when I tried to text someone, even if I wasn't texting fast it would freeze up and take 15-20 seconds just to catch up. That's not acceptable when you have a 1GHz processor and no running apps and no live wallpapers. My phone would randomly shut itself off about twice a day, freeze up for no apparent reason and require me to remove the battery about 3 times a day. So no I'm not talking garbage, there's been several reports how buggy and laggy the Droid X became after 2.2.

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