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Free calling app Viber now has over 50 million users

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Free calling app Viber now has over 50 million users
Viber is a free calling and texting app that differs from Skype in that it’s fully integrated with your phone’s address book, has hit a huge 50 million user threshold. While not all are active, the stats along with the user count are equally impressive - Viber users are spending more than a billion minutes in calls every month and send nearly a billion text messages in a month.

Viber is available on both iOS and Android, and its users cumulatively make around 150 million calls each month, which works out at an average of around 3 calls per month. So this definitely suggests that not all 50 million users are active.

The application is also used for sending out an average of 20 million photo messages in a month.

Viber has been growing tremendously since its launch in late 2010 on iOS. The application expanded to Android in the middle of 2011, and together the platforms have brought Viber to 193 countries across the globe. The app continues its growth with nearly 200,000 new users registering every day.

Could it grow to be the success story for mobile devices that Skype has been previously? Are you using it? Let us know in the comments below.

source: TechCrunch

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