Fortnite 'influencers' may push the Note 9, but not many of you are game

The long-awaited Fortnite for Android had a special debut during the Galaxy Note 9 unveiling last week, with its creators from Epic Games even taking center stage to gush about the gaming prowess of Samsung's newest pride and joy.

After all, apart from the Fortnite exclusivity, the free gifts that come for those who pre-order first, include $150 worth of V-Bucks and skins. Not only that, but Samsung is said to launch all kinds of marketing campaigns to "boost sales" for the phone, in a direct and indirect ad blitz worthy of this $1000 juggernaut. 

Well, part of this blitz may be pushing it via the gaming and Fortnite community of social media "influencers," as you can see from some posts and videos, which is as good of a product placement as it gets these days.

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Our own polls indicate that just over a quarter of the respondents intend to buy the Note 9 outright, while the rest will either pass or wait for some reviews to trickle down before they pull the trigger on this $999 puppy. 

While the 26% result for people who are game on the Note 9 from the get-go might not seem much, it's actually pretty decent for a niche device. If this intent materializes in sales, Samsung may have been right to set the sales target for the Note 9 higher than the Note 8 at launch.

Galaxy Note 9 is $999, any takers?

Take my money!
I'll wait for the reviews
Nah, pass
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