Forrester predicts the iPad 2 will capture 80% of the US tablet market in 2011

Forrester predicts the iPad 2 will capture 80% of the US tablet market in 2011
The iPad 2 has arrived, and despite the fact it neither offers some unbelievable, out-of-this-world specs, nor there is something truly revolutionary about it, Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company, claims the new Apple tab is to capture the incredible 80% of the US tablet market in 2011.

And according to the researchers at Forrester, their prediction is easy to explain - the iPad 2 is good for the mass consumer, and the mass consumer is more concerned whether a tablet covers his or her needs rather than the number of cores that the tab's processor sports.

Moreover, the iPad 2's good appearance is combined with the fact it is 33% thinner and more than 4oz lighter than the first iPad - things that ensure it's going to attract customers. As we all know, little things can make a massive difference and Apple has added small touches here and there, that are going to enhance the overall experience. One such example is the fact Apple offers Smart Covers - in different colors and made of different materials (you can choose between polyurethane and leather variants) - these Smart Covers clean your iPad 2 and can be used as a stand for your next-gen Apple tab among other things.

When we take into account the Apple ecosystem (another Forrester study has found out that "23% of consumers considering buying a tablet rank “number of available apps” in their top-three important features") and the good service Apple customers receive, it really seems pretty much certain that the new-gen Apple tab will fare well with the American public.

Do you think the iPad 2 will indeed claim 80% of the US tablet market in 2011?

source: Forrester

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