Former Apple CEO John Sculley says Cook is doing a "terrific job"

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says Cook is doing a "terrific job"
Apple CEO Tim Cook has not gotten a lot of praise lately, but a former Apple CEO is coming to Mr. Cook's defense. Of course, there aren't too many former CEOs of Apple, and the ones that are still alive have a bit of a rocky relationship with Apple fans. John Sculley took over as CEO when Steve Jobs was ousted from his own company in 1985, and Sculley did preside over a period of revival for the company, but it didn't last. 

Still, very few men know what it is like to have to step into the shoes of Steve Jobs (although to be fair, the 30-year old Jobs that Sculley replaced was not nearly the same man as the 56-year old that Cook had to replace). About a week ago, Atari's Nolan Bushnell said that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs; and, Sculley recently said about Cook:

Sculley downplayed the market share that Apple has lost to competitors, and remained bullish on the company saying that "Cook is doing a terrific job", and that he is "very optimistic that Apple’s going to do just fine." 

source: CNBC Asia via BGR

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