Fitbit Black Friday deals are out: save big on Fitbit Charge HR, Charge, Flex and One

It's almost Black Friday time, but before you go lining up in front of the big box retailers in the wee hours of morning, you can check out these online deals on fitness trackers by Fitbit.

The company is known for focusing sharply on tracking your workouts, sleep and overall activity, and if you want to get one of its products, Black Friday is a perfect time.

Here are the best deals on Fitbit fitness trackers, check them out and let us know if you'll be getting any of these.

Fitbit Charge HR

On sale for: $110 (you save $40) at eBay (trusted seller)

The Fitbit Charge HR is pretty much the Swiss knife of health and fitness trackers: it features an always-on continuous heart-rate monitoring function that outputs data to simplified heart rate zones, and this combines with a 5+ day battery life for the Charge HR. It naturally tracks your workouts, supports caller ID and gives you an overview of your all-day activity. You can also get insights to your sleep and its quality, with all of that data syncing wirelessly to the Fitbit app on your phone.

Fitbit Charge

On sale for: $110 (you save $40, original price is $150) at Amazon

The regular Fitbit Charge lacks the extensive heart-rate monitoring of its slightly more expansive sibling, but it still does an admirable job keeping tabs on your activity and sleep patterns. The biggest benefit of not having continuous heart rate measurements is without a doubt battery life: official figures quote 10+ days of battery longevity on a single charge. The Fitbit Charge also features a small display that shows you the time and pings with incoming calls and messages.

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Fitbit Flex

On sale for: $91 (you save $9, original price is $100) at Amazon

The Fitbit Flex is the least impressive deal (you save the least money on it), so most of you would be better off getting one of the nicely discounted afore-mentioned trackers, but if you want a simple tracker with no display that will just be there on your wrist and keep track of your activity, this is it: the Flex measures all day activity, it is water resistant, and tracks your sleep, plus acts as an alarm.

Fitbit One

On sale for: $50 (you save $50, original price is $100) at AT&T
*Apply promo code FITBIT50

Finally, the Fitbit One is the cheapest in the lineup: for just $50, it's something that you can attach to a piece of clothing, and you don't have to actually wear on your wrist. It has a larger display than most others, which provides a convenient way to stay abreast with your activity, it supports clock and display, and it can also track your sleep and sleep patterns.


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