First in-depth look at Firefox's mobile OS

First in-depth look at Firefox's mobile OS
Firefox OS, what was originally called Boot to Gecko, was recently mugging for the camera to show off its HTML5-based UI. Firefox OS aims to be a totally open and free mobile OS that runs HTML5 web-apps, meaning that developers who make apps for Firefox OS devices would be able to distribute them to any other mobile platform with an HTML5-complient browser. The OS is expected to arrive on its first commercial phone is expected to launch on Brazil’s Telephonica toward the end of this year or early in 2013.

The mobile OS also has support from Sprint and Deutsche Telekom, so we may see several Firefox OS phones next year. The real question of course is what will the OS look like? Happily TechWeek Europe got its hands on a slew of images from current versions of the operating system, which we present below. You can see that much inspiration has been drawn from both Android and iOS, and the result is a nice-looking and clean user interface.

Based on what you see, do you think Firefox OS has a strong mobile future, or will they fall to the wayside?

source: TechWeek Europe via Business Insider

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