First Google Pixel 3 XL teardown reveals a... Samsung display

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Surprise, surprise, the Google Pixel 3 XL is actually made by Samsung this time around, reveals the phone's first teardown. The Pixel 2 XL's LG OLED screen was plagued with problems, and Google apparently decided to diversify display suppliers. The first screen tests reveal that the panel is well-calibrated, and with one of the lowest reflections out there, boding well for sunlight visibility. It is also HDR-certified, meaning that you will be able to watch whatever your expensive Netflix subscription throws at it as its creators intended.

What else interesting can we glimpse from gutting the Google Pixel 3 XL? Well, it is very hard to repair anything cracked here, be it the display or the body, as you'd have to do plenty of disassembly to get to the display... or the cracked rear. That is why iFixit gave the phone a repairability score of just 4 out of 10.

The single-camera is with an upgraded Sony IMX363 sensor, which should mean better photo performance than the one in the Pixel 2, together with the new camera algorithms. A new haptic motor for much more detailed vibrations round up the novelties you can find inside the Pixel 3 XL, but the hard-to-repair nature means that screen replacements won't come cheap.

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