Ferrari branded Motorola i897 Amphora & WX415 Heartland are on the horizon

Ferrari branded Motorola i897 Amphora & WX415 Heartland are on the horizon
As we've seen some of their focus shift back to their usual medley of flip-style handsets, two additional Motorola devices have been outed with one of them sporting the name of Ferrari on the handset. One would envision some kind of sleek looking design that would seemingly have a slick exterior to match its prized name, but the Motorola i897 Amphora is going to be an iDEN phone with the Ferrari branding prominently gracing the device right below the internal display. Specifications are slim on the handset except that it'll most likely be heading over to Sprint some time, but the photo only gives us a slight glimpse of what to expect with it. On the other hand, the Motorola WX415 Heartland is a CDMA flip-style handset that looks to play to the strengths of the Motorola KRZR series with its narrow looking body and external display with touch sensitive buttons below it. No word yet which carrier is expected to add the Motorola WX415 Heartland to their lineup. As the company continues to develop its line of smartphones, there will obviously be still some focus on these type of handsets as there will always be a market for them.

source: Bluetooth SIG (i897 & WX415) via Unwired View


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