This might be the fastest-charging powerbank in the world, and it looks the part

This Pikachu-themed powerbank is the fastest on the planet
Chinese company Oppo, which is responsible for one of the slickest phones of 2018, is the proud developer behind what's claimed to be the fastest quick-charging solution for smartphones at the moment: SuperVOOC. Building on the strong foundation of its VOOC technology which can be also found in OnePlus' Dash Chargers, SuperVOOC is said to be capable of fully-charging a 3,700mAh phone battery in just 35 minutes thanks to its 50W power output. That's crazy fast.

You know what's also crazy fast? This brand new Oppo powerbank that's boasting the full power of SuperVOOC, quite possibly making it the fastest powerbank right now. The 10,000mAh accessory is capable of outputting 50W of power at 10V/5A and is capable of juicing up a compatible device just as fast as a SuperVOOC wall charger. Of course, it will also charge non-SuperVOOC devices, albeit at a slower rate.

The jarring feature of Oppo's new powerbank we haven't mentioned yet is rather apparent: thanks to a collaboration with Pokémon, the powerbank is styled after the electrifying  Pikachu. While the styling might not be anyone's cup of tea, for sure, we still have to admit it looks super-fresh and is a far cry from your regular tasteless powerbank.

Oppo's new SuperVOOC gadget will sell for 399 Yuan, which is around $58. It will most certainly not be openly available outside of China, but we guess if you really, really want to have it, you could try trawling third-party retailers.

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