Facebook's SMS verification simplified for Android users

Facebook's SMS verification simplified for Android users
Currently, when logging into a third-party app using your Facebook profile's phone number, Facebook will send you an SMS to verify it's actually you. However, in the latest SDK, Facebook introduced a new way to handle that two-factor authentication.

The new method, named Instant Verification, relies on you being logged in the Facebook Android app and is meant for use by third-party apps that use the Facebook login system. When you try to log into the app with a phone number, the new method will check if that number matches the verified phone number in your Facebook profile. If there is a match, it won't send you an SMS and you will be granted access instantly.

However, if the system fails to detect a match, it will default to the old method and you will receive a text with a one-time code to enter during login.

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Facebook claims that the partner apps that tested the new method got a significant increase in conversion rates. It is also supposed to make logging in via your phone number easier, “especially for people in areas of the world where SMS delivery is not reliable.”

source: Facebook via Engadget

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