Facebook now allows you to search for specific posts on iOS

Facebook now allows you to search for specific posts on iOS
Quite a long time ago, Facebook announced Graph Search, which was supposed to revolutionize the way you found content on the service. It's hard to say that it has lived up to that billing, although it has been easier to find places and photos. One major missing piece was that you couldn't simply find a specific post that you had seen, but Facebook is finally turning on that functionality... for some.

Facebook has announced that the Graph Search options are no longer web-only; users on iOS can now search for places, photos, music, movies, and games directly on their mobile devices. Additionally, Facebook is giving iOS users the added bonus of being able to do keyword searches that will surface specific posts from your Feed. Unsurprisingly, Facebook says this was the most requested feature for Graph Search. With it, you'll be able to find videos or links that you or others had posted. 

Facebook is also putting out a reminder about privacy with this announcement, because the more accessible posts are, the more people tend to realize that they may not be as private as thought. Facebook is reminding users that the privacy settings you put on a post will dictate what shows in a search. So, be sure your posts are properly set for view by friends only or the public in general. 

Graph Search is available now on iOS, and will be coming to Android eventually, but Facebook isn't giving a timeframe on that. 

source: Facebook 

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