Facebook launches live broadcasting for iOS users in the U.S.

Facebook launches live broadcasting for iOS users in the U.S.
Facebook today has started rolling out its new live broadcasting feature to iOS users in the U.S. The video streaming service will allow Facebook to compete with Twitter's Periscope and Meerkat, both of which turn phone users into broadcasters. Unlike Periscope, only close friends and voluntary subscribers will receive notifications when you start streaming. Broadcasts will be automatically saved for those who want to catch a replay.

In order to slowly work the new feature into Facebook's functions, at first only celebrities, VIPs and other public figures have access to it. The company also has a game plan in mind to overtake Periscope. Mobile users spend more time on Facebook than on any other app. By keeping the live broadcasting service as part of Facebook instead of spinning it off like Twitter did, Facebook feels that it can quickly surpass Periscope. But considering the head start that Periscope had, this might not be so easy to accomplish.

Addiionally, Facebook launched today a new feature that allows users to post multiple pictures and videos in tiles that it calls Collages. It will allow users to tell stories using pictures and video. Tiles can be re-sized and re-ordered to emphasize certain images or videos.

source: TeleCrunch



1. DeejayReact

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No update for my note 5? Fail. =(

2. brar.arsh

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Is it running IOS? If not, just read the title.

4. darkkjedii

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3. Hexa-core

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And this will suck your connection dry!

5. XperiaX

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and celebrities pages not special anymore... xD

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