Facebook Messenger introduces World Effects - augmented reality 3D objects - to rival Snapchat

Facebook just one-upped Snapchat by introducing World Effects - augmented reality 3D world objects on its own. The social giant's popular messaging app, Facebook Messenger, has just scored a trove of new effects that let you add various objects to your pics and videos and send them to your pals or post them on your Facebook wall. Unlike the already-present camera filters that let you put on different masks and effects on your selfies, the new additions to the app allow you to throw in a dynamic object that sticks to an augmented plane and gives the impression of intelligently following a predefined path. 

But images are worth a thousand words, and videos - inherently more, so check out Facebook's own short and immensely cute video demo of its World Effects:

Video Thumbnail

Making use of Messenger's newly-scored feature sounds like a pretty easy and intuitive task. As the company puts it, "We're launching a handful of World Effects to people around the world. In addition to the heart, arrow and robot, you can also try playing around with a unicorn plus word bubbles, like “love,” “bae,” “heart” and “miss you.” To add a World Effect, open the Messenger Camera (from your inbox or from inside an existing conversation by tapping the camera icon), and then scroll to choose from the camera effects. Pick an effect and then tap to add it to your image." 

The effects are not currently available for all the Messenger users yet - we guess they will arrive after a server-side change since even flashing the very latest beta of the app did not allow us to try them out personally.

Facebook also mentions that while merely a few World Effects are available right now, this list is to grow in the coming months with other filters and whatnot. It's also our own ;guesstimation' that once the library grows, Instagram could technically score a similar functionality on its own - it makes a lot of sense and will fall in line with Facebook's policy of trickling-down features.

source: Facebook

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