Facebook 2.3 for Windows Phone hands-on

Facebook 2.3 for Windows Phone hands-on
Religious Facebook users who happen to sport some kind of Windows Phone have something to be excited about, well, that’s because the official Facebook app for Windows Phone recently got updated to version 2.3. It’s not to say that the previous versions of the app were terrible, but rather, they were a bit limiting with their functionality. Thankfully, this version revamps the entire interface, while packing along some much-needed improvements to give Windows Phone owners something to be ecstatic about.

First and foremost, we adore the snazzier looking interface it’s sporting, as various photos litter the top portion of the interface – and in fact, images are rotated as we scroll through its various screens. Actually, it employs some of the same design cues found with Facebook’s new Timeline feature, which ultimately gives it a very personal touch. Moreover, we’re glad to see that we’re not experiencing any more delays when scrolling through long listings, and instead, it maintains the same fluid and instantaneous response in all areas.

Diving deeper into the app, there’s no question that its functionality has been expanded tremendously. And in all fairness, the experience follows perfectly to the desktop one, as we’re given the ability to check out who has “like” something, controls with privacy options with status posts, and a new hub that aggregates photos from the “Mobile Uploads” albums from our friends. All in all, the refinements found with this version are deep and felt throughout all aspects of the app. Honestly, we absolutely love the personal approach that the app brings to the table.


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