Face Swap Live finally arrives on Android: the original face swapper!

Face Swap Live finally arrives on Android: the original face swapper!
You may have noticed that, after Snapchat launched its Lenses, there has been an uprise in “live makeup” apps with similar features — for example, the now Facebook-owned MSQRD. And both of the aforementioned apps have a “Face swap” lens available in them, which allows you to take a photo or video with a friend, where your mugs are automatically swapped for comedic effect.

This type of feature pretty much exploded in popularity when the app Face Swap Live became available for iOS. Besides exchanging mugs with their buddies, it also offers its users the ability to put their face in a celebrity's photo (“Photo” mode), or export a celebrity's face from said photo and place it on top of your head in real time (“Mask” mode). The library of faces you can choose from is pretty much unlimited because the app allows you to import any photo – from your album or directly from the Internet.

After months of wait, Face Swap Live has finally made the jump to Android, though, it may be a bit late to the party on this shore. Sure, on iOS, it was one of the original face-swapping apps, and became viral pretty quickly. But on Android, MSQRD and Snapchat have been doing pretty well serving users' face-swapping needs in the past months. It also doesn't help that Face Swap Live costs $0.99 and doesn't offer a lite version, whereas both Snapchat and MSQRD are free.

Have you been waiting for Face Swap Live to come to Android? Do you think it's maybe a bit late to the party?

Download ($0.99): Android | iOS

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