FCC filing points to larger 10 inch Amazon Kindle Fire

FCC filing points to larger 10 inch Amazon Kindle Fire
With speculation flying that Amazon will be launching a larger sized version of its sequel to the popular Amazon Kindle Fire, a trip to the FCC might reveal whether or not this rumor is going to come true. Despite a cloak of confidentiality that prevents any documentation or diagrams from the filing to be made public, the paperwork is registered to Harpers LLC, a front company that is hiding the true identity of the company behind the filing. This is something that Amazon has done before. In fact, it would seem that the online retailer has a habit of using a new beard for each filing it has made since the second Kindle..

The one diagram that managed to leak out reveals a large rectangular device that visited the FCC. While no measurement was revealed, it would appear to show a 10 inch tablet with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The confidentiality agreement expires in December which means we should see a launch of a version of the Amazon Kindle Fire, with a 10 inch screen, launch sometime this fall.

source: FCC, TheDigitalReader via Phandroid

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