FCC Speed Test app now available for iOS flavored devices

FCC Speed Test app now available for iOS flavored devices
Bck in November, we told you about a crowdsourced FCC app that was available only in the Google Play Store. Unlike the Speedtest.net app that many of you are familiar with, everytime you measure the data speed on your phone with the FCC Speed Test app, the agency gets this information. The FCC keeps it to build a map of mobile broadband speed across the country. No personal data or information is collected.

The FCC will also conduct its own tests with the app at random, so don't be surprised if it just goes off in the middle of the day to get a reading. The app and collected readings are part of a program called Measuring Broadband America. So far, the FCC has issued reports as part of this program.

With many smartphone owners still a little paranoid about giving a government agency the ability to run a speedtest at will on their phone, there might not be that many takers for this app, which is free to install on your iOS flavored device. 

source: FCCSpeedTest

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