Expensive iPhones get Nintendo 3DS game titles thanks to Folium

Expensive iPhones get Nintendo 3DS game titles thanks to Folium
Thanks to a European Commission mandate to open iOS to 3rd party apps for alternatives to its default ones, Apple is begrudgingly letting some apps it kicked out back in its App Store. 

The team from Cupertino, however, loosened its restrictions on many old gaming emulators even before the antitrust legislation that the EC forced with the iOS 17.4 update, and this resulted in many emulator apps hopping back on the iOS bandwagon.

The legislation also paved the way for Apple Safari browser alternatives, too, but if the iPhone or iPad that run those alternatives to the default apps leave Europe, their owners have to be back within a month if they want to get updates to the rogue in the eyes of Apple applications.

Still, that isn't stopping the old Nintendo 3DS emulator Folium from bringing its fun and games to the App Store. Folium costs $4.99, and can load a number of old Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS titles.

It supports all major game controllers, too, including Backbone One, Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller, PlayStation DualShock, and DualSense, and Xbox Series and Series X.

As has become customary with those 3rd party apps that Apple frowns upon but is forced to embrace, there are plenty of privacy and security warnings to tap through before installing Folium.

Moreover, since Apple has some strict rules about using code recompiling, the Folium emulator could only run smoothly on powerful iPhones like the latest iPhone 15 Pro models. 

If you own one and want to relive old school Nintendo title gaming from the comfort of your Apple handset, though, you can check out Folium in the App Store together with your favorite controller.

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