Exclusive Samsung U940 Images and Screenshots!

Exclusive Samsung U940 Images and Screenshots!
After we first announced the GSM phone Samsung F700 will appear with Verizon Wireless as the Samsung U940, now we again have the first exclusive screenshots and live images of the device. As expected, it does not have the same User Interface as the GSM counterpart. The image of the Home Screen reveals that Samsung has made it similarto the Croix interface used in the F700. However, there are changes init and the other menus are only slightly similar. The device is an early prototype, so final versions might have slight changes.

Currently, we can confirm that the camera is only 2 Megapixels, unlike the GSM version which offers 3. Unfortunately, the wide-screen is the same as on the F700, which means is reacts to touch only by finger and not other objects. In our testing of the GSM version, this type of display is way worse than the regular touch ones.

The QWERTY on the Samsung SCH-U940 is arranged in three rows instead of in four, just as the version we say during the 3GSM 2007 expo in February, but still not quite the same. Like it, there are no stereo speakers on the front face, unlike the final F700.

Of course as always, we will update you with the latest available information as soon as we have it!



1. jack unregistered

looks similar to the voyager. good job verizon, was looking foward to this. hope stuff changes before release

2. GoVZW unregistered

Is the touch feature that they're talking about the same as the Voyager? If so that's to bad. I was hoping it would have a great reaction to the touch like an iPhone.

3. unregistered

good thing new phone time is around the corner for me (so glad im not contract bound) :D menus look way better than even the Voyager, and honestly i like sliders better than a flip like the voyager, cant wait!

4. sucram unregistered

does it have an on screen keyboard like the voyager?

5. deadwrong03 unregistered

Yea it has touch screen just like the voyager does, the only thing i dont like about this phone is the way the top slides up to reveal the qwerty keypad i'd rather it open up like the voyager. they seem more or less the same tho i doubt if this phone would be much of a big difference from the voyager

6. unregistered

Don't like what the menu looks like. f700's UI was better. The f700 would kill a dumb phone like the voyager... they dumbed down this phone to match the voyager i guess...

7. LordObento unregistered

Does it have WAP or HTML??

8. unregistered

Yet another Verizon phone that falls short of my expectations. Luckily my contract is up next spring so if Verizon doesnt finally come out with a good smart phone by then, its see ya!

9. elgee02 unregistered

This isn't a smartphone. But it does have GPS.

10. FYI unregistered

hey if all you are looking for is a "SMARTPHONE" with wifi & gps stop looking at dumbphones... last time i checked a little thing called the samsung i760 is available with all your "expectations"

11. unregistered

Exactly what im looking for and no mandatory data plan... hopefully

12. vzwguy unregistered

There will be no data plan manadatory, this is just one of the dumbphones, just like a enV or voyager #5 the reason they got this with a slide up is there is a rather large portion of the cusotmer base who doesn;t like the fact that the enV flips open and want a slide up qwerty pad I know I would do this over the voyager #8 quit being a cheap bitch, the i760 does everything you just described, you want to be a cheap bitch and not pay for the data plan, be my guest.

13. unregistered

First of all, all cell phones have gps in them now. Please be educated about what you say and request navigation. GPS is a tracking service that is required on all cell phones. DUH!

14. Ishdeep unregistered

This phone looks pretty good, it looks a lot better than the voyager, in my opinion, hopefully it wont have some crazy high price for features that might suck. and just to see does anyone have anymore info on this phone?

15. Porter unregistered

Please tone it down, angry man. The i760 is a Windows Mobile device, which many people (myself included) refuse to purchase on principle alone. There's no reason to be offensive, there are plenty of people who are looking for a phone that doubles as a good mutimedia device, without necessarily investing in a smartphone... this product and the Voyager both fill that bill well as far as I can tell.

16. Porter unregistered

I meant @ # 12.

17. vzwrep unregistered

ok, gps--on all cell phones but not in the capacity you would like to use probably--all cell phones are required to have gps for emergency purposes only, that is the only requirement and the only reason it is mandatory. If you are looking for a location based service and using the term gps we have something to help you in that capacity as well. As for smartphone/pda/"normal" phones, they all have different functions that make them different, hence the classifications, so look up what makes a phone a smartphone first, and all you jumping on people, how bout we help them learn before we beat them down over being ignorant in the sence of not knowing--and the Voyager sold out before 10 am PST--iphone what??

18. DeeMan unregistered

I think what everybody means by "GPS" is VZW's VZ Navigator service. Technically, like it's already been mentioned, all cell phones are GPS ( E911 and Location On ) capable. The u940 is NOT a smartphone ... just a regular phone with lots of capabilities ( like the Voyager ). Since it's in that category, I'm pretty sure VZ Navigator will run on it. Every Verizon camera phone ( except the Samsung u340 ) has VZ Navigator capabilities. Right now, the only "smartphone" that has VZ Navigator is the Blackberry Pearl... but they others will follow suit real soon.

19. Nick unregistered

any dates or estimated times when this comes out?

20. David unregistered

Is this phone going to be as chunky as the voyager??? casue it looks to be maybe thicker. hope not... i thought if anything they would try to make slimmer touch phones. the thing about the voyager is that it starts to curve down around the edges to make it look slimmer but in the picture above this phone looks FAT! i really would rather have the slide out QWERTY rather than it flip like the voyager but my biggest problem is the size of these touch phones verizon is putting on the market. I mean what happened... who cares if verizon had disageements with apple on the iphone sales work it out they should have never passed that deal up.... another thing why is verizon letting these European countries get the cool new slim touch phones... the prada..... the armani......the viewty... and plenty more! its not like im going to switch networks casue they dont release the phone i want but what is nost important is the service they provide! THE BEST EVER!

21. Chris unregistered

Is anyone other that myself wondering why the phone didn't go into landscape mode once the keyboard was slid out? Maybe it's a pre-production bug, I'm over reacting I guess. I may fork over the full retail for this handset if it proves to be as good as the Voyager (to have it as my back-up phone).

22. David unregistered

if you click on the first two pics and then look closely to them you can see the date. the pics were taken in MARCH! whats that about?

23. AJ unregistered

Hi, I need to know this. Is this like the voyager or is this like a PDA/Smartphone like the f700 is.. i hope it is a smartphone because then i would wait and get it.. if not im going to have to get either the pearl of the i760 so PDA/Smartphone or like voyager?

24. bob unregistered

1. When is this coming out 2. Is it almost the same as voyager 3. Smartphone or reg. phone 4. THIS OR THE VOyAGer

25. David unregistered

the u940 will probably work like the voyager.......in the way that you can have the voyager as a "DUMB" phone, or have the option of having it a smartphone. Well the FCC approved the phone in Dec. 2007 and they are not allowed to release information about the phone for 180 days.... now i take that as the phone wont be released untill that date or after.(June,10th)

26. unregistered

in the photos with the keyboard out, why is the screen not switched to horizontal view? this phone is probably a fake.

27. MJ unregistered

I was hoping this would be a "voyager" with better form factor, but if it has no stereo speakers, then it misses the mark. Gotta have stereo speakers for Verizon TV and converted video clips!

28. l unregistered

will this phone have verizons tv service feature

29. amir unregistered

Any new information on this? I've been holding out on the Voyager for almost three months, waiting for this phone. Do we know for sure this will be out in the first quarter?

30. chris unregistered

Yeah. I'm in a phone crisis. I was going to hold out for the Curve, but that looks like it'll never happen. So then I got into the voyager for its multi-media capabilities. But let's face it: the voyager is girly and not too flashy. This phone however, is definitely flashy and worthy. I am reall curious to know if it has mobile TV, because if it doesnt ill settle with the voyager. If it does, then ill keep waiting until whenever it comes out...because look at it. Its beautiful. Sure, the keyboard may be more tight, but its awesome.

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