Essence 300-icon pack brings all needed for an app to dress up in iOS 7 flatness


iOS 7 is out and it was the first radical overhaul of iOS. As radical as iOS overhauls get, of course, meaning little has changed under the hood, but a lot has changed on the surface. The looks of iOS 7 are unquestionably different with flat and modern icons. This change spells trouble for developers who’d have to update their applications ASAP, and confusion for users (at least in the beginning when not all apps are up-to-date).

To make the transition process we stumbled upon a neat package of 300 icons drawn in the iOS 7 aesthetics and sold for developers who lack the designers or the skills to create their own icons. The 300-icon pack consists of drawings in two colors for everything you could imagine. It looks great and would easily integrate with the new iOS 7 looks.

The icon pack is called Essence and is currently sold for $19.99. It seems like something iOS developers would enjoy, so if you are one of them you might like what you see in the source link right below.

source: Essence

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