Endlesss lets you jam with your bandmates during the lockdown

Endlesss lets you jam with your bandmates during the lockdown
As a former band member and a passionate supporter of live music performances, I can understand the need for musicians to physically rehearse together quite well. That’s a tough gig, especially when your country is in a lockdown situation. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue once again with the mobile app Endlesss, Engadget reports.

Endlesss is a music-making app that relies on samples and loops, and it's already available for download on the App Store. There are tons of samples, and you can arrange loops and play them in real-time together with friends and fellow musicians. Several people can work on a project, change loops, add samples or rearrange stuff, and there’s also the option to export everything in .aiff format with multiple tracks to make a complete song.

There’s also the option to use an iRig interface and record your own samples, if you insist on using that $5000 Les Paul Custom guitar, gathering quarantine-induced dust. The basic version of Endlesss is free, but if you want the full set of features like extra samples and the aforementioned iRig integration, the subscription fee is $5.50 a month. If you go for that option though, you’ll get a two months trial period instead of the usual week, as a response to the current coronavirus crisis.

If you like the app, be sure to support the Kickstarter project launching in April, which will try to fund new features in Endlesss, such as better pro equipment integration, support for lossless audio formats, and more. I guess I’ll brush off my guitar skills and try it out myself.


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