Employee who finds DROID SHADOW in gym gets the ax

Employee who finds DROID SHADOW in gym gets the ax
Remember that story we reported to you the other day about the Motorola DROID SHADOW being found at a Verizon corporate gym? Well, the you know what has hit the fan and the guy who found the phone has been fired. After the Verizon employee left the phone at the gym, it was discovered by the now unemployed gym worker who found out that the model was an unreleased phone. Smelling some quick riches (and whatever else you smell in a gym locker room), a quick call was made to Gizmodo by a friend of the guy who found the phone. This time, the blog turned down the chance to pay for a scoop and the DROID SHADOW was returned to the Big Red employee who had lost it. After a meeting with Verizon brass, the person who found the device was fired. But here is where the story gets strange-the guy who called Gizmodo is not the same person who found the phone in the gym! The call was made by his friend who says that despite the firing from what was an internship, he is doing fine. As for the DROID SHADOW, it is extremely fast and the guy who tipped off Gizmodo says, "There's no sliding keyboard. It's all touchscreen. The interface is REALLY easy to use and this is the fastest phone I have EVER used."

So let us recap. Dim the lights and here we go. The Verizon employee who leaves behind an unreleased, sizzling hot handset after a relaxing workout is safe. The guy who is the buddy of the person who found the phone calls Gizmodo, sends out pictures and reveals some specs. He too, is safe. The third guy finds the phone, doesn't spread pictures or info about it and he gets fired. We should pass along this tip-if you see a cellphone on the ground that you suspect is an unreleased model, just keep on walking.

Motorola DROID SHADOW Preliminary Specifications

source: Gizmodo

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