Electricity from Apple iPhone shocks Australian woman, leaving her hospitalized

Electricity from Apple iPhone shocks Australian, woman leaving her hospitalized
Just last week, we told you how Apple had added a page to its Chinese website showing how consumers in the country could protect themselves from electrocution by making sure that their chargers were official Apple parts. That response by Apple came after a 23 year old Chinese woman allegedly was killed after being electrocuted by her Apple iPhone 5, and a 30 year old man supposedly went into a coma after being shocked by his Apple iPhone 4. Flight Attendant Ma Ai Lun was killed when she answering a call while her iPhone 5 was being recharged. Wu Jiantong was shocked when he was connecting his phone to the charger. Apple is warning its customers in the country to use only chargers made by, or approved by Apple.

Now it is the authorities in Australia who are warning Apple iPhone users after a shock from the device sent a young Sydney woman to the hospital. The victim, in her 20's, was taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital where she now is listed in stable condition. Officials at the ambulance service noted that they received 232 calls about mobile phone shocks in the first half of this year and reminded cell phone users to take precautions with their phone's electrical connection.

Noting that something like dust could cause a short circuit that could lead to a fatality, the ambulance spokesman suggested that dusty appliances should be vacuumed. Ambulance inspector John Brotherhood said, "It takes only a small shock to interfere with your heart. Basically, if the jolt moves you, if it takes your breath away or if it's at all a cause for concern, you need to get it checked out."

source: DailyMail via IBT
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