Edison Mail iOS bug left thousands of emails out in the open

Edison Mail iOS bug left thousands of emails out in the open
When it comes to security, mail breaches and bugs are among the scariest. The notion that someone can get access to your private correspondence is horrifying, but that's what happened to 6,480 Edison Mail users, SlashGear reports. The app is one of the most popular mail clients on iOS, and millions of people use it daily.

The bug reportedly came after an update rolled out last Friday, adding a new sync feature to the mobile app. The strange bug allowed people to see and gain access to random strangers' email accounts and do what they want. An uproar followed up on social media, with people righteously angry with this new "feature". 

According to Edison Mail, the bug only affected iOS users, and the company has rolled back the update soon after the first complaints hit the internet. The impacted 6,480 users (not a small number) have been contacted and asked to change their passwords. Nevertheless, sensitive information may have already leaked, and it's very frustrating when it's due to a technical oversight.

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