EchoWear for Android Wear smartwatches tells you what song you are listening to

EchoWear for Android Wear smartwatches tells you what song you are listening to
EchoWear for Android Wear is an app that helps you identify a piece of music and gives you relevant information, such as artist, album, etc. This is particularly useful if you hear an awesome piece of music at a party, bar, supermarket or any other public place, where there's just no way of finding out the song's name. The app is a smartwatch alternative for Shazam and Soundhound, which have became quite popular among smartphone users.

The way such an app works is – it records a short part of the song (up to a minute) and uploads it to Gracenote. The latter is a company that maintains an enormous Internet-access database, which stores all the info about more songs that we could imagine, together with an "acoustic fingerprint" for each song. The fingerprint is a digital summary of the audio signal of the song, or – to put it another way – it is virtually impossible for any two songs to have the same fingerprint. After the system receives your recorded sample, the algorithm quickly scans it vs the database and in a matter of seconds – you receive your results.

It is nice to see some of these lighter apps already making an appearance for the wearables. With today's big-screen fad, it does feel a bit cumbersome to take out a 5" device out of your pocket, just to activate Shazam.

For those of you, who are against getting a wearable just yet – what other apps would you like to see for Android Wear, before you decide that smartwatches are useful?

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source: XDA Developers via Android Central


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