EXCLUSIVE: Touch Pro, Saga and Renown for Verizon

EXCLUSIVE: Touch Pro, Saga and Renown for Verizon
Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we received some late-breaking news regarding the Touch Pro, Saga, and Renown. First off is the Samsung Saga I770 smartphone, which can be ordered via the Internet and Telesales on Nov 14th for $199 with a 2-year contract (after $70 rebate). It features Dual-band CDMA, EVDO Rev A, Quad-band GSM, WiFi 802.11g/b, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, Office, Opera and IE Mobile, Bluetooth, 2.55" 320x320 pixel display, 2MP camera, microSDHC support up to 16GB, and comes with a SIM card pre-installed. Included in the box are adapters for use with the wall charger in other countries.

Samsung Saga Specifications

Second is the Samsung Renown SCH-U810 flip phone, with an Internet and Telesales release date of Nov 19th (in-stores Dec 1st) and a 2-year price of $179 (after $50 rebate). It is also Dual-band CDMA and Quad-band GSM capable, but lacks EVDO Rev A and WiFi. Other features include a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, QVGA display, microSDHC support up to 8GB, and comes with a SIM card pre-installed.

Samsung Renown Specifications

Lastly, the HTC Touch Pro smartphone is scheduled for Internet and Telesales release on Nov 24th and in-stores on Dec 1st, with a 2-year contract price of $349 (after $70 rebate). Features include Dual-band CDMA with EVDO Rev A, WiFi 802.11b/g, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, Office, Opera Mobile, 2.8" VGA touch-sensitive display, TouchFLO 3D navigation,  slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.2MP camera with autofocus and flash, and supports microSDHC cards up to 16GB.

HTC Touch Pro Specificatrions

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1. unregistered

...so I'm guessing this means the Omnia WONT be out any time soon...?

3. unregistered

according to hofo its still targeted for this year, so my guess is that its been pushed to december

6. unregistered

Verizon may release it as a "Christmas suprise" lol

83. unregistered

Dang it Verizon, you suck! Hurry up and release the Omnia! No one cares about the stupid Saga.

122. hallie9396 unregistered

I think I read somewhere that it may not come out until January 2009 now. Just read that earlier this evening. You never know though...I think some of the tech news you find on the internet is based in rumor and speculation.

2. unregistered

I still dont get why verizon had HTC build them their own touch pro, it doesnt make any sense. Though itll prolly still run TF3D just fine, since it is minimum specs for it (the originally diamond had 192 ram, and ran it just fine). Not like i care though, im getting the BB Niagara or Jupiter whichever comes first lol

4. unregistered

the pro touch is kind of xpensive. if bb storm is gonna be 199 or 299, why would you want to get anything else?! just wait and see. lets see the compared reviews are w/these fones?

68. vzw fanboy unregistered

some ppl perfer the blackberry os over windows

96. mmee unregistered

The Storm will be $199 after rebate. Good old Microsoft charges for everything. I think that has something to do with the higher price of the Touch Pro. When we used to sell the Treo 700, they where side by side and the 700p was $249 and the 700WX was $299... Same phone, different OS... Window is good for alot of things but over all I think BB is better... And CHEAPER!

121. hallie9396 unregistered

I agree about the price of the pro touch. too much money. i spent that on the phone i have now and it doesn't work any better than most of the less expensive devices i have had.

123. hallie9396 unregistered

I would love to know which phone has a faster processor....the Blackberry Storm, the Saga or the Omnia...I heard Palm runs very slowly when browsing the web...That is the Palm OS. I know there is a Palm with Windows, but haven't heard how fast it is.

5. unregistered

$350 for the Touch Pro? You've lost me, Verizon. Gonna go to AT&T and get a Fuze tomorrow. Probably should had gone long ago since I get discounts from my job with AT&T.

63. unregistered

cya cheap o.

66. unregistered

Yeah, have fun with their most unreliable network. At least the phones Verizon releases is up to par because the network is worth the money.

69. vzw fanboy unregistered

i know.. what is wrong with ppl...cant afford a little extra money for something you'll have 2 years!?

78. unregistered

Idiots. It's not about what you can or cannot afford. Hardware wise, Verizon is offering an inferior product and charging more for it. It's not being cheap to refuse to purchase it, it's called being a good consumer. Why should this guy have to shell out an extra $50 for a stripped version of the phone?

89. unregistered

No he is stupid because it will go on sale....

92. unregistered

Call customer care and complain that the price is higher and see what they do... or go to an agent location and see if they can sell it for cheaper. Or just give up because you clearly arent willing to try to get what you want unless its handed to you.

124. hallie9396 unregistered

OMG...I don't ever have a phone of any kind for two years. it isn't cheap to want a better deal. it is prudent since, in all electronic devices, better products come out way closer together than two years. I would die of boredom if I had the same phone for two years. That would be like carrying the same bag for an entire season....I like to accessories too much to wait that long to change them. I generally upgrade every year. Even at the new contract price and without the extra discount, it is worth it to keep up with the newest technology.

125. hallie9396 unregistered

They all go on sale. Prices fluctuate just like the economy. Also, as soon as a newer version or a new product comes out that draws enough attention, the prices will drop and, if you bought it at the price it came out with, you end up feeling ripped off in six months.

7. unregistered

Congrats Verizon, you lost another customer! You expect me to pay more $$ for a device that has worse specs then the lower costing Sprint and AT&T models? Gotta be joking me. Off to AT&T or Sprint I go.

8. unregistered

Go. You won't be missed.

9. unregistered

As expected, Verizon fanboys flock to defend their company. Synonym for Verizon fanboy: Tool Get a life

10. unregistered

bye bye. youre just an average consmer who wants a phone to do everything including cook breakfast without paying a hefty price for it. see ya!

11. unregistered

No, I'm a business user who needs a smartphone for Outlook sync, downloading e-mail on the go, using the internet to check stock prices, and to use GPS navigation. If I really wanted a dumbphone, I'd buy one.

12. unregistered

And I should add in that I travel on business to Europe and Japan quite often, so global roaming is needed. I used to rent a global phone from Verizon when I went overseas, but once I get my Fuze I won't have to.

13. unregistered

ok this phone does all of that! like i said you have a laundry list of things you want youre phone to do YET youre not willing to pay for them. so if ATT and sprint has it for cheap then go to att and sprint. there's a reason why they offer their phones for so cheap, because they dont invest nearly as much in their network, they dont have in-store technicians and most of all GSM phones cost a considerable amount LESS to produce than a CDMA version. Why do you think CDMA versions tend to be released after gsm model?

14. unregistered

and my I add that both the saga and renown are global phones? so really i see now really reason why you would switch att or sprint besides you being a cheapo

15. unregistered

Rabid Verizon fanboys......... *sigh* I know it does all the features I listed. But AT&T's and Sprint's do them better for less. Seriously. Why don't you and your buddies get a life and do something other that prowling the internet trying to defend your company in every way possible? You can tell you've cornered a Verizon fanboy when you force them to use "the network" as a reason. Honestly if "the network" was that great I wouldn't be dropping calls on an i760 on Interstate 5 from LA to San Diego. It's not the phone. I've been through 3, and I still get the same results. Even when I'm at home, my phone only works on the ground level or outside.

16. unregistered

Like anything with electronics, you get what you pay for bro. Any that whole biz about going to Europe for work doesn't make any sense when the phones mentioned in this article are capable of that, not to mention, why not just go for a BB Storm?

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