EXCLUSIVE: Touch Pro, Saga and Renown for Verizon

EXCLUSIVE: Touch Pro, Saga and Renown for Verizon
Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we received some late-breaking news regarding the Touch Pro, Saga, and Renown. First off is the Samsung Saga I770 smartphone, which can be ordered via the Internet and Telesales on Nov 14th for $199 with a 2-year contract (after $70 rebate). It features Dual-band CDMA, EVDO Rev A, Quad-band GSM, WiFi 802.11g/b, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, Office, Opera and IE Mobile, Bluetooth, 2.55" 320x320 pixel display, 2MP camera, microSDHC support up to 16GB, and comes with a SIM card pre-installed. Included in the box are adapters for use with the wall charger in other countries.

Samsung Saga Specifications

Second is the Samsung Renown SCH-U810 flip phone, with an Internet and Telesales release date of Nov 19th (in-stores Dec 1st) and a 2-year price of $179 (after $50 rebate). It is also Dual-band CDMA and Quad-band GSM capable, but lacks EVDO Rev A and WiFi. Other features include a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, QVGA display, microSDHC support up to 8GB, and comes with a SIM card pre-installed.

Samsung Renown Specifications

Lastly, the HTC Touch Pro smartphone is scheduled for Internet and Telesales release on Nov 24th and in-stores on Dec 1st, with a 2-year contract price of $349 (after $70 rebate). Features include Dual-band CDMA with EVDO Rev A, WiFi 802.11b/g, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, Office, Opera Mobile, 2.8" VGA touch-sensitive display, TouchFLO 3D navigation,  slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.2MP camera with autofocus and flash, and supports microSDHC cards up to 16GB.

HTC Touch Pro Specificatrions

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