Dust fix for Nokia Lumia 920's front-facing camera is now ready

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Dust fix for Nokia Lumia 920's front-facing camera is now ready
You might recall that back in March, there was talk that Nokia was going to issue a sheath to help fix a problem with dust that was accumulating on the Nokia Lumia 920. More specifically, the dust was settling underneath the front-facing camera and the proximity sensor on the device. According to a reliable source who works for Nokia Care the sheath is now available.

Dust on the Nokia Lumia 920's proximity sensor
Those Nokia Lumia 920 owners with a dust accumulation problem can take their phone to a Nokia Care point center or a W-Support center to have the sheath put on, which will prevent dust from entering the device, and the screen replaced for free. The whole problem is a design flaw that left a gap above the camera which lets the dust come through.

Believe it or not, dust is a major problem when enough of it accumulates inside your phone. This is why some manufacturers like Sony and Samsung are not only protecting their high end models against damage from water, but are also dust proofing these same models as well.

source: WMPoweruser


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