Don't worry, Android Wear is alive - here's why Google dropped it from its store

Yesterday, we reported that Google has dropped all Android Wear devices altogether closed the Android Wear section from its online store, which was quickly deemed this as the illogical and rather untimely death of El Goog's smartwatch platform. 

Thankfully, its seems that this is not the case. Hoi Lam, a Google expert for all things Android Wear-related, stated on Twitter that the wearable platform isn't going the way of the dinosaurs - it's just getting moved elsewhere. It seems that a recent change in the Google Store policy has the latter only stocking up on Google-made hardware, like Pixel phones, Pixelbooks, and smart Home hubs. 

Given that Google hasn't come up with a new Android Wear smartwatch in ages, it's only natural for the corresponding section in the Google Store to get nixed. Previously, it was populated with a duo of LG smartwatches.

So, where should willing adopters of Android Wear gadgets find such smartwatches? Easy, Hoi Lam reveals that Google has partnered up with Amazon and created a custom store front available for all to browse right here.



1. KeyserSoze

Posts: 387; Member since: Oct 06, 2014

"Don't worry, Android Wear is alive". Who's worried? Not us readers. It's you az hole bloggers who keep trying to stir up panic with your click-bait headlines saying "Android Wear is Dead" without checking for facts first. Pathetic scum!

2. sgodsell

Posts: 7621; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Especially when some new Android Wear smart watches arrived recently. But did iPhonearena write an article about the new Android Wear smart watches. Nope, not one article on the new Fossil Android Wear watches, which are missing the flat tire now, and they arrived about a month ago. We have seen a lot of articles on the Apple watch with a month, but not one article on the new Fossil smart watches. Montblanc released an Android Wear watch recently as well. No articles on that one. Movodo is releasing an Android Wear smart watch very soon. But I guess Phonearena would have to be up on all these watch makers. Then again PhoneArena thinks that an Apple watch is a major watch brand that offers so much style. Yet in reality Apple only offers one square style watch. Apple themselves uses the words different styles, but to them different styles means different materials, and watch bands on the same square watch. This is a prime example of the saying "putting different lipstick on a pig".

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