Don't get mad, get even: Apple pulls Fitbit products from its online stores

Don't get mad, get even: Apple pulls Fitbit products from its online stores
For Apple, it has never matters if a dish of revenge is served warm or cold, just as long as it is served. It looks like revenge was the reason for Apple's recent decision to pull Fitbit products from the online Apple Store. Last month, the fitness band manufacturer decided against allowing its products to integrate with Apple's Health app.

Search for Fitbit in the online Apple Store, and you will get a response of "No results were found. Please try a different search." While a Google search still shows both the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One as being in the Apple Store, clicking on the link takes you to accessories for the iPad. Apple has pulled this kind of thing before, such as when it removed BOSE products from the Apple Store during a patent battle.

Fitbit has said that it would add integration to Apple's Health app if enough customers demand it. The latest devices released by the manufacturer also cannot hook up to the Health app. And just in case that you were thinking that Apple is merely clearing the deck for the Apple Watch, the online Apple Stores do still offer other fitness bands by Jawbone and Nike.

source: Apple via SlashGear, MobileSyrup


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